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Tidal Arch

Reflecting the subtle yet powerful natural phenomena in the surrounding ocean environment, Tidal Arch is a public artwork in the City of Alameda that brings a monumental physical presence to the tidal ebbs and flows in San Francisco Bay. Taking inspiration from daily tide charts, the sculpture has a sinuous curvature that reflects sea level changes at high and low tide in Alameda. Giving physical presence to these ephemeral patterns invites people to consider the natural forces at play in the landscape.

Tidal Arch was created in partnership with the City of Alameda's Public Arts Commission and was fabricated by Concreteworks Inc.

Tidal Arch_Sunset.jpg
Tidal Arch Front.jpg
CAD Parts Labeled.png

^ Fabrication underway at Concreteworks, Inc.

Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 10.53.48 PM.png
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