Strata Bench



The form of the STRATA BENCH was inspired by the arid landscape and geologic strata found in Death Valley. The piece is an unconventional yet functional bench that utilized an equal balance of hands on design techniques with the benefits of digital fabrication processes to create a human scale, highly crafted, plywood sculpture that invites touch and interaction.


The Strata Bench was designed and fabricated as part of the Pier 9 Artist in Residence program. The form was originally designed in clay. A digital scan of the model was created using 123D Catch and then modified, scaled, and sliced into layers using 123D Make. The scale model and the full scale parts were fabricated at Pier 9's Workshop, using lasercutters and the OMAX waterjet to cut the plywood. The parts were then stacked and carved with hand-held grinders at Adrien's shop in Alameda.

The Wave, a rock formation in Arizona

strata inspiration

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