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Polar Jet Stream Series

The path of the jet stream is in constant motion. Consisting of westerly air currents that are flowing and meandering masses streaming at high altitude, they flow at about 30,000-39,000 feet above sea level. Generally following an annual cycle, the wind speed and extent of coverage is much greater in the winter and diminishes in the summer. 

Polar Jet Stream is a permanently installed cast bronze sculpture based on the pattern of the jet stream over the entire Northern Hemisphere as it was captured on April 18, 2015.

Zooming in geographically but expanding temporally, Jet Stream Over North America is a scientific animation capturing a full year of the seasonable variability of the jet stream illustrated as simplified black to white gradation maps from 2017. The white areas illustrate the greatest wind speeds.


Link to the source data: The Jet Stream Map Archive, administered by Dr.Dave Dempsey.


Jet Det Crop.jpg
Jet Front_bright.jpg
NA Jet_Seasons_NOtitles.jpg

^ March 20, Spring Equinox


^ June 21, Summer Solstice


^ Sept 23, Fall Equinox


^ Dec 21, Winter Solstice


rhino render wall.png
3d Printed Parts 2.jpg
Gated 2.jpg
ceramic shell.jpg
bronze pouring.jpg
Shiny Workshop.jpg
shiny side BW.jpg
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