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Data and Art -

On Data and Design

Episode #25


Our panel of experts will explore the latest projects that combine data visualization, data art, sculpture, and sensory experiences. The overarching question will guide us, «Where does design end and art begin?

Moderated by Darjan Hill from Superdot

Pittsburgh Magazine

October 2023 Issue


"Four Artists Are Turning Data and Reaction to the Global Crisis into Works of Art"

By Emma Malinak

Screen Shot 2023-12-18 at 2.19.40 PM.png
Pitt Mag Cover_1023-oct23.webp

Autographic Design:

The Matter of Data in a Self-Inscribing World

"Traces and Modes of Trace Making"

By Dietmar Offenhuber.

The MIT Press.


American Craft Magazine

Fall 2023 Issue

"Seeing Is Believing"

By Paola Singer


Making With Data

Physical Design and Craft in a Data-Driven World.

Edited By Samuel Huron, Till Nagel, Lora Oehlberg,

Wesley Willett. Routledge’s CRC Press.

Making With Data.png
9781350133235_Making Data.jpg
Materialising Digital Information

Edited by Ian Gwilt

Bloomsbury Visual Arts, London

About Making Data

Making Data delivers the importance and likely future prevalence of physical representations of data. It explores the creative methods, processes, theories and cultural histories of making physical representations of information and proposes that the making of data into physical objects is the next important development in the data visualisation phenomenon.

Part One: Theories
1. Data Objects Thinking With Your Hands, Adrien Segal (USA)

Convergence II

The Art Collection of the National Academy of Sciences (2021)


The National Academies Press, Washington D.C.

Science relies on the rational. Art celebrates the intuitive. Together they inform one another.

This catalog contains beautiful reproductions of more than 30 original artworks from the National Academy of Sciences collection.

Convergence 2.png
Screen Shot 2022-12-31 at 5.02.25 PM.png
Tilt West Journal

Volume 4: Art and Science. Fall 2022 Issue.

Contributors: Jane Lilly Benale, Jeff Brown, Ann Futterman Collier, Nina Elder, Erin Espelie, Faerthen Felix, Kathie Foley-Meyer, Megan Gafford, Kim Hahn, Newton and Helen Mayer Harrison, Cherish Marquez, Indigo Moor, Radio Healer, Adrien Segal, Livy Onalee Snyder, SWEAT, and Xiuhtezcatl


At Sea

Issue 60 / Fall 2021

The writers and artists whose work makes up Ruminate issue 60 probe the imagery and metaphor of being at sea.

Force Majeure: Wildfire and Wheat

Exhibition Catalogue

Cultural Programs of the National Academy of Sciences

Introduction by Juliana Biondo

Adrien Segal_Catalogue_r4_Page_01.png
Adrien Segal_Catalogue_r4_Page_07.png
Visualizing and Physicalizing Agriculture

The Data Physicalization Lab at the University of Lethbridge invited six artists to participate in a residency, documentary film, and exhibition that asked them to respond to agricultural data developed by Dr. Jamie Larson and Dr. Andre Laroche from the Lethbridge Research and Development Centre.

Video by Bryn Hewko, Output Media


Feature Story |Oct 13, 2022

"Processing the Trauma of Wildfires Through Art"

By Rhea Nayyar

A Deep Curiosity about the World

Feature Story | July 13, 2020

Oceanographer Jody Deming and sculptor Adrien Segal explore how science and art connect

By Sara Frueh

Interview on Data Stories Podcast

With Enrico Bertini and Moritz Stefaner

October 2017

Open Form: Facebook Artists in Residence 2012 - 2017

Introductions by Drew Bennett, Mark Zuckerberg. September 2017.

American Craft Magazine

"Plot Lines." By Deborah Bishop. June / July 2017.

The New York Times Paid Post

"The New Makers: Uniting Science and Art".

By Denise Burrell-Stinson, Photos by Mark Mahaney

April 5, 2015.

ARID: A Journal of Desert Art, Design, and Ecology

"Snow Water Equivalent - Data as Sculpture." Fall 2015.

Homer News

"From Science to Sculpture". By Michael Armstrong. May 2014.

Conservation Magazine

"Holding Water". University of Washington Press, Summer 2013.

Scientific American: Symbiartic

The Science of Art and the Art of Science. September 18, 2013.

Boom: A Journal of California

University of California Press. Spring 2012.

Data Flow 2: Visualizing Information in Graphic Design

Die Gestalten Verlag GmbH & Co. KG. Berlin, Germany. 2010.

500 Tables: Inspiring Interpretations of Function and Style

Lark Books. Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. New York, NY. 2009.

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