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California Water Rights

This suspended, immersive sculpture spans three stories in an atrium above two diagonal stairways. Strands of ball chain are draped above and around the stairways, hung from a meandering river following the flow of movement and people in the space.


Each of the 1,072 strands represent the largest permitted water users in California and ball represents 1 acre-foot of water, or just under 326,000 gallons. There are over 11,000 feet of ball chain in the sculpture conveying the immense amount of water allocated for use in California, much greater than that which is naturally available. The installation engages viewers with experiential knowledge about how we as a society choose to manage and commodify water, a shared and highly precious resource.

Art Consultant: Heidi McBride

Art Production: Gizmo Art Production

California Water Rights was awarded the top 100 list for the prestigious 2017 CODA Awards which recognizes outstanding collaborations in Art and Design.

Public Art installation, suspended ball chain sculpture by artist Adrien Segal, data sculpture using water rights data from California
CA Water Rights Sculpture Installation
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