Sculpture is an aesthetic language I use to bridge the gap between reason and emotion.

The deep disconnect between scientific rationality and the emotional nature of human experience draws into question where we find meaning and how we seek to answer fundamental questions about life. My work seeks to transcend the divide from objective scientific data towards that of experiential knowledge.

Drawing from history, narrative, emotion, landscape, and perception, my artwork synthesizes information into knowledge through an intently subjective human experience. I interpret the poetics of statistical information by translating data into lines, forms, and materials that reveal abstract concepts and unseen phenomena as communicative, sensory, and aesthetically engaging artworks.

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Adrien Segal is an artist and writer based in Oakland, California.


Her work has been exhibited internationally since 2007, and is published in several books and academic journals. She has been awarded numerous Artist Residencies across the US, Canada, and Europe, and has work in permanent collections including the City of Homer, Alaska, the Center for Art in Wood, and the National Academy of Science in Washington D.C.

Adrien was awarded the Latham Fellowship at IIT Institute of Design in Chicago in 2020, and will be a US/UK Fulbright Scholar at the University of Dundee in 2022. She received a BFA from California College of the Arts, where she teaches art and design. Adrien pursues her creative practice out of her studio on the former Naval Base in Alameda, California.