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Wind at Ravenswood Slough - Facebook, Menlo Park, CA

DATA: NOAA / CWOP Wind speed and direction at Ravenswood Slough Entrance, October 19-21, 2014

WIND AT RAVENSWOOD SLOUGH is a sculptural data visualization showing the speed and direction of the wind at Ravenswood Slough for a 56 hour time period in October of 2014. Sourcing climactic data from NOAA and Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP), the twisting form is made up of vertically stacked plywood arrows The length (speed) and direction (N-S-E-W) of each arrow correlates with observed wind data collected at a site not far from where the sculpture is installed. Time is the vertical axis - beginning at the bottom with data collected at 2:00 am on October 19th and ending at 5:00am on Oct 21st, 2014 at the top.


This sculpture was created as part of Facebook's Analog Research Lab Artist in Residence program. Adrien spent 3 months in Residence at the Menlo Park Campus researching and designing this site specific piece, and fabricated it at her shop. The finished sculpture was permanently installed near Building 15 in January of 2015. As part of the Residency, all artists who participate also design and silkscreen an editioned art print which is added to the print archives at the Analog Research Lab.



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